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Nullus Anxietas 7a - The Australian Discworld Convention - will be held in Sydney on July 2-4, 2021

The Australian Discworld conventions are run every 2 years for fans of author Sir Terry Pratchett, famous for his humorous fantasy books - especially the Discworld series. Nullus Anxietas 7a will be the eighth major Australian Discworld Convention!

The conventions run for 3 days from Friday to Sunday, and include panels, special guests, workshops, creative events, costumes and a Gala Dinner, all focussed on Terry Pratchett's works.

Old friends

If you have been to previous conventions, then skip ahead to the latest news on what we have planned.

Never been before?

The convention is a chance to meet other fans of Sir Terry Pratchett, have fun and share the humour of the books. Maybe dress up as a favourite character - many attendees do, but it is not compulsory. (Warning - do not come as a mime. If you have read the books, you will know why!)

We aim to pack a lot of fun into 3 days, running multiple events simultaneously and finishing late in the evening on Friday and Saturday. Everything is included in the 3 day ticket price except the Gala Dinner.

The conventions are run by fans, are not-for-profit but do raise money for charity. Like Terry's books, the conventions are family friendly.

You can find more details on the Newbies' pages here.
And answers to all those obscure questions (like what does "Nullus Anxietas" mean?) can be found in our FAQ.

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Latest News

All Roads Lead To Ankh-Morpork


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2021 - 2nd to 4th July, Sydney

The City Watch

Our Convention Theme

The committee have followed a modest suggestion1 from me and the theme of the convention will be "Wellcome to Ankh-Morpork, Citie of One Thousand Surprises!". I have been assured that some of them will be nice!

This is an opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of Ankh-Morpork's busy streets and watch our honest citizens2 go about their daily business.

Why not haggle with traders for a souvenir of your visit? Visit a convivial ...

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Wellcome to Ankh-Morpork, Citie of One Thousand Surprises!


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2021 - 2nd to 4th July, Sydney

Lord VetinariThe Australian Discworld Convention committee is organising an exciting 3 day convention to promote the culture and history of our Discworld, and in particular the many attractions and commercial opportunities1 awaiting them in Ankh-Morpork. They have requested my assistance in promoting this bold endeavour and I agreed to pen a few words on their behalf. I may even attend in person.

The committee assure me that the convention will include old favourites such as the Maskerade, XXXX Factor, Werewolf ...

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